Singing Classes


The singing classes at WSP promote expression and confidence in voice, while developing correct vocal techniques, breathing and posture in a nurturing environment. The classes cater for a range of ages.

For suitability please contact Wendy.

Individual half hour singing sessions available upon request.


Advanced Wednesday 4pm - 5pm
The advanced vocal group performs complex pieces that everyone can enjoy. Utilising every student’s strong abilities, they will further develop their skills in singing solos and harmonizing.

Intermediate Wednesday 6pm - 7pm
The intermediate vocal group strengthens students’ abilities in singing solos and harmonizing while developing skills to give them the confidence to sing in a group.

Beginners Friday 6pm - 6:30pm - 5 – 8 year olds
The beginner’s class gives younger students who enjoy singing an outlet to use their voice and learn to sing in a group with others. It is the perfect opportunity for little ones who love to sing and would like to pursue it further.

Vocal Performers & Song Composition Friday 6pm - 7pm - 10 Year Olds +
This class is aimed at students who want to develop and refine their skills as a vocal performer and song writer. Sessions include learning the basic musical theory principals and diverse genres and styles. Students then use their ideas to compose and improvise. At the end of the year, students will have an opportunity to perform pieces worked on throughout the year to friends and family.

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More Classes

Classes are held on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday afternoons at Balwyn Evergreen Centre, 45 Talbot Ave, Balwyn, VIC 3103.