Dance Classes


Our dance classes at WSP allow students to gain experience in all areas of dancing, They develop strength and precision, while building necessary skills needed to perform and complete examinations.


Ballet Wednesday 6pm - 7pm - 8+
Our ballet program is aimed to develop dancers in their strength, posture, coordination and musicality, while learning discipline and growing awareness for the anatomy. Classical ballet is an essential part of a dancer’s repertoire and builds a core for all other dance styles. Students will also have the opportunity to work towards an examination held in the last week of term 2.

Dance Examinations
Exams are a vital part of any classical ballet syllabus, giving students something to work towards and achieve. Exams are offered to the Junior Dance students and those studying Ballet. Run during class, students are split into small groups and assessed. The syllabus is taught during terms one and two in class, giving students time to remember and finesse their exercises and build performance quality.

The program aims to nurture selfesteem and confidence in students and there is no ‘fail’. Students have a choice between receiving a report with or without a graded mark. The exam is built on meeting specific learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Tap Dance Wednesday 5pm – 6pm - 8+
Tap is an exciting and upbeat style of dance where students make their own music by using tap shoes to strike the ground. It develops coordination and rhythm and gives students a very wide understanding of music and percussion. A strong base technique is developed in tap and students will explore the ways sounds can be put together to routines.

Jazz Wednesday 6pm – 7pm - 8+
Jazz is a high energy, hard hitting and fun class where students build their technical skills and learn a variety of routines. Jazz encourages students to express themselves while dancing. Developing technique and skill is a big focus as it improves coordination and movement range, and provides a variety of skills that transfer to other styles of dance.

Junior Dance Friday 4pm - 5pm
This dance class for 4-7 year olds offers a fun introduction to ballet, jazz and tap, while building a strong foundation and appreciation for dance. The students explore their own creativity within the class and learn how to dance in a safe environment. Each lesson will focus on something different to engage students and develop a good basis in all dance styles.

Contemporary Dance Friday 6pm - 7pm - 10 +
Contemporary is a free form style of dance, which draws movement and inspiration from all the other styles of dance. It can be a more lyrical style based from ballet, or more of a modern style, based from jazz. WSP contemporary aims to explore both ends of the contemporary spectrum and expose students to a range of different movement to develop strength, balance and flexibility.

Hip Hop Friday 5pm - 6pm - 10+
Hip Hop classes at WSP are full of energy, enjoyment and the latest funky tunes. The session includes learning routines based on jazz funk fused with hip hop.

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More Classes

Classes are held on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday afternoons at Balwyn Evergreen Centre, 45 Talbot Ave, Balwyn, VIC 3103.