Public Speaking

Public Speaking:


Many successful school captains and scholarship award winners have been given the best opportunities after attending these sessions. The Public Speaking classes are aimed at promoting confidence in preparing and delivering speeches both written and improvised. Students work on how to engage an audience, use eye contact, stage presence, clarity in voice and content whilst using their imagination and passions to discuss topics both in front of and alongside of their peers during these sessions. Students also learn basic debating skills and develop their abilities to present themselves in the best manner for the future. The team at Wendy Samantha Productions also annually awards a full semester scholarship at both the Doncaster and Templestowe cluster events held for the Templestowe Rotary Club Primary School Public Speaking Competitions. Representatives from our company are privileged to be invited to watch the top students from each school in both of the areas compete for a prize.

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Classes are held on Wednesday afternoons in Balwyn and on Friday afternoons in Templestowe.