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The Sound of Music will be performed at Doncaster Secondary College Performing Arts Centre, 123 Church Street, Doncaster on the Saturday October 25th at 7pm and Sunday October 26th at 4pm.

Tickets go on sale on Sunday 20th July 2014 from 8pm –
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Everyone loves this classic musical, one of the most memorable movies of all time – The Sound Of Music.

Set in Austria in the 1930’s, the adventurous young Maria is happy spending her afternoons running though the hills chasing wild dreams. But what she thinks she longs for, she is failing at. All attempts to become a nun have fallen short and so she is sent to the Von Trapp household as a governess to help her find some direction.

At this prestigious household, there are 7 mischievous children who have been left to their widowed father, the strict but very handsome navy Captain Georg Von Trapp. He runs his household as if he were still out at sea and everyone answers to a whistle! Whilst Georg is off traveling with his charismatic best friend Max and getting engaged to Baroness Schraeder, Maria makes some changes to the Von Trapp household. She teaches the children a love of music, and when the captain returns he too falls in love .. with Maria! Will he end his relationship with the baroness? Will Maria become a nun?

And just as those questions get answered we find Austria is just about to come under the control of Germany. So will the captain be drafted to the navy and have to fight against his own country? What will happen to the children? Find out when you watch WSP’s The Sound Of Music.

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