Fantastic Mr Fox is the cheeky story of just that – the Fantastic Mr Fox! Everyone can relate to his tale of trying to take the very best care of his family, provide nutritious food for his youngsters and a happy home above their heads. But having some nasty farmers chase them out of home?… Well that’s just not on!
The scheming between the goodies and the badies as they try to outwit each other leaves the audience at the edge of their seats, not to mention conflicts between the animal families, that pesky little rat and the clumsy housemaid Mabel!

There are playful children running through the audience, a poor chicken who is trying to avoid being roasted, the cutest baby badger, and a narrator who just wants to get on with the show! There will be tails flying in the air along with tears and laughter as you sit down and enjoy the show.

Will the Farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean win the battle?
Or can the Fantastic Mr Fox come up with a plan to save them all?


Aperture Studios
Snap Printing Abbotsford/Richmond

The Cast

Mr. Fox Chee-Rae Loi
Mrs. Fox Bella Soccio
Narrator Mia Zelesco
Farmer Boggis Stephanie Cheah
Farmer Bunce Lara Donaldson
Farmer Bean Jessica Husband
Mr. Badger Kayla Geertsema
Rat Skye Chen
Mabel Emily Zhang
Small Foxes Xian Loi Kushinka Jayewardene Jessie Toh Lauren Wu
Children Tianli Zhang Ocean Chen Yasmine Heng Louise Pearce
Mrs Badger Caroline Pearce
Small Badger Oliver Wu
Mrs Mole Keila Adinugroho
Mrs Rabbit Mimi Chun
Chicken Angelina Kwok
Small Rabbit Amelia Baxter

The Crew


Director Wendy Samantha
Assistant Director James Worboyes
Production Manager Shenuka Abeysena
Set Consultant / Builder Alan Coburn, Shenuka Abeysena
Makeup Phoenix Chen
Promotions Aileen Loi
Costumes Lorraine Tyedin
Props Alan Coburn, Ruby Marchese, Shenuka Abeysena
Photography & Design Shenuka Abeysena
After Party Organisation Kate Woolley, Laura Wilcox, Elena Giannaris


Stage Manager Mark Chang
Assistant Stage Manager Alex Baker
Backstage Runner Kate Woolley
Stage Assistant Alan Coburn, Ruby Marchese
Make-up Artists Foxes Make-up - Elena Giannaris / Shayoni Jayewardene
Badgers Make-up - Phoenix Chen
Moles Make-up - Katie Worboyes
Rabbits Make-up - Abby Ward
Tickets & Programs Launa Chen, Lina Firstama
Ushers Angie Giannaris, Grace Denahy
Lighting/Sound Technician Shenuka Abeysena
Lighting/Sound Assistant Laura Wilcox