Code of Conduct – [Cast]

Participating in a production is always a lot of fun and whilst that is an important aspect of what we do, it must be complimented with strong work ethic and professionalism. The Code of Conduct for the cast is provided to ensure that everyone understands the minimum expectations we have of the cast. If we are of the opinion that you have refused or neglected to comply with this Code of Conduct through inappropriate behaviour, misrepresentation, poor work ethic, poor attendance or engaged in conduct unbecoming you will be asked to forfeit your role, return all loaned items and leave the production.


Appropriate behaviour is expected of the cast at all times towards everyone and everything whether we are in a private setting (such as rehearsals) or a public setting (such as a performance).


You are expected to always work in a respectful manner with the cast and crew. You should expect to be treated with respect by the cast and crew.

You are expected to respect the environment around you, such as the rehearsal and performance venue.

You are expected to respect items provided to you, such as your script book, costumes and props.

Personal Safety

You take full responsibility for your own participation and you should not push yourselves and your bodies beyond safe limits.

You must accurately note any allergies or medical conditions that may need to be manged and include direct emergency contact details.


All rehearsals and performances are mandatory unless otherwise indicated by us.

Rehearsal time is limited and therefore precious. You are expected to attend your regularly scheduled rehearsals. If you cannot attend a rehearsal or performance, contact us immediately to let us know. Sufficient notice and a valid acceptable reason is required for non-attendance.

If you do not have a valid acceptable reason and continue to miss activities, rehearsals or performances you will be asked to forfeit your role in the production.


We are here to help you and keep you safe in any way that we can so please let us know immediately about any situation that may affects yours or someone else’s safety.

You are encouraged to speak to crew about any concerns you have in relation to the cast, crew, production, rehearsals, performances, physical health and well-being or anything else that is troubling you.


Phones are not to be used at all during rehearsals or performances. Parents or guardians can contact the Production Manager in the event of an emergency.

Conflicts of Interest

We reserve the right to remove or replace any member of the cast or crew that accepts a role in another production or become involved in another activity that directly impacts the production rehearsals or performances. We encourage you to openly discuss any potential conflicts with us to allow us an opportunity assess the impact on our production and potentially accommodate you.


All fees must be paid in full by the first rehearsal of the production.

All fees are non-refundable even if you choose to forfeit the role later.