Musical theatre has the power to create empowering moments through the magic of storytelling.

Through our musical theatre program we aim to build their confidence and develop their individual artistic talents. Every child is unique and deserve an opportunity to develop into the performer and they person they aspire to be.

Musical theatre is unique in that there is so much variety. In every class or rehearsal performers develop their dance skills and choreography, drama games, acting exercises and singing training. A wonderful blend of activities to develop not just performance abilities but life skills.

There are two separate programs available:

  • Musical Theatre Classes - Musical Theatre was established to take students on a journey from casting a musical, to piecing it together and finally to performing it. Students will work with a variety of directors, musical directors and choreographers in this class.

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  • Showtime Productions - Showtime was established to provide young performers a platform to develop and showcase their skills in performing arts through acting, singing and dancing.