Hairspray Jr has really come together because of the wonderful support we have had from cast, crew, friends and parents. The shows would not be what they are without an audience to cheer the talented cast along, and what an amazingly superb phenomenal group of youngsters we have had the utmost privilege of working with.

Many of you saw an outstanding performance put on by those on stage, but what you didn’t see was the professionalism that they also held behind the curtain. The children would walk on stage in character and play these amazing roles, and then walk off and just simply ‘click’ back to themselves and go to get dressed for the next scene, find their next place or pick up a prop ready to use. They held themselves when things didn’t go specifically to plan, they helped each other, assisted crew, and the friendships they all have made is a family like no other.

We are so very grateful that we have had the opportunity to work with all of you.

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