Thank you to everyone that auditioned. What amazingly talented children you all are. We have had a very tough time casting and hope those that missed out this time will be involved in future opportunities.

With that in mind, we look forward to working with the following 

Hairspray Jr. Cast
Tracy Turnblad – Ingrid Torelli & Joanne Dimaris
Penny Pingleton – Jazzy Devlin & Keira Singleton
Amber von Tussle – Chloe Bettiss & Lauren Wu
Link Larkin –  Ethan Oppy
Edna Turnblad – Max Nania
Seaweed J. Stubbs – Jack Spallas & Giovanni-Paolo Malietoa-Brown
Little Inez Stubbs – Elysia Wang & Akeira Somphanpanya
Prudy Pingleton – Kate Cunningham & Frances Fleming
Velma von Tussle – Sophia Connor & Sophie Chiew
Motormouth Maybelle – Xian Loi & Kushinka Jayewardene
Corny Collins – Frederick Hughes
Dynamites – Judine – Julianna Chandrasekara
Dynamites – Shayna – Keila Adinugroho
Dynamites – Kamilah – Ashleigh Hughes
Swing Roles-  Zara Bettiss, Amber Hay & Matilda Wise
Principal –  Stella Nicoll
Wilbur Turnblad / Male Guard – Joshua Gong
Mr Pinky / Gilbert – Harrison Banks

Dance Troupe
Alicia Wildes
Alida Worthy
Cheyenne Robinson-Sambrooks
Claudia Ciempka
Isabella Norton
Keira Kemeridis
Lucia Hodgman
Olivia Seigle
Sadhbh Raftery
Sasha Campetelli

Alexia Brady
Amber Stanton
Caitlyn Crawford
Ellie Charman
Ella Yang
Emily Gong
Emily Woods
Harriet Wise
Jacqueline Wang
Lily Wang
Zoe Zingiris

Congratulations to all!

From the WSP Hairspray Jr. Team

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