Glee Club is open to students aged 8-17 years old and is held on Fridays 6pm-7.30pm.

Each class focuses on a specific theme for which students are encouraged to prepare a song and/or dance to perform during the open warm ups (first 10 minutes of class). After this, the class will then continue work on selected pieces. Students will learn their singing parts – solos, harmonies, unison work or run through their dances, choreography and movement work.

It is expected that the WSP Glee Club will make several performances throughout the year at various events, and most definitely at our annual EYC.

Wendy oversees Glee Club and hopes its participants enjoy being a part of a young, vibrant, enthusiastic team who love music and want to sing and dance. Wendy will spend time with the students teaching them to read music and forming basic understandings of music theory.

Kat runs the singing component of the club and hopes to inspire students to have a passion for different styles of music, to learn to sing with a diverse group of people and to enjoy the simplicity and technicality that singing has to offer.

Amelia runs the dance component of the club and hopes the sessions she takes will allow for individuals to experience harmony through expression and understanding of movement. Glee Club strives to enrich all students dancing ability and encourage them to a build on their skills – let your diversity and talent shine.

Students can be of any level – the focus is on fun!