Deep down in a burrow lives a fox with his wife and four children. Spun from the humorous novel ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Road Dahl, Wendy Samantha Productions has recreated a lasting impression of a child’s story. It was a marvellous performance that did indeed keep you on your feet and toes. If you had been you may have noticed recurring audience members. Seems they couldn’t get enough of the show.

With two full on nights, both cast and crew members were exhausted. All the little burrowers had outdone their paws and legs and were rewarded with a stolen feast from none other than the three horrid farmers. Boggis (Stephanie Cheah), Bunce (Lara Donaldson) and Bean (Jessica Husband) delivered us a wonderful performance of their nasty side and even resurrected themselves with Bean having rather long hair.

The show was definitely a hit for family and friends who enjoyed a little mischief between the narrator (Mia Zelesco) and the rat (Skye Chen). Other cheekiness was displayed enthusiastically among all the young actors and actresses such as all the adorable small foxes. They were played by Xian Loi, Kushinka Jayewardene, Jessie Toh and Lauren Wu. Their excitement brought energy to the stage and showed us their chicken hunting skills and yes, the crew were the chickens and ducks.
Other furry cuties included small badger (Oliver Wu), small rabbit (Amelia Baxter) and not to mention the chicken who was roasted but we weren’t allowed to taste (Angelina Kwok).

A short intermission break is scheduled to provide everyone with a toilet break. Emergency exiting was perfectly normal due to the amount of villainous; courtesy to the farmers. For food loving people, do not fret; a variety of food and drinks were offered to refresh you before the next half.

This gave everyone a great chance to stretch their legs and for everyone backstage to change costumes. They had to be quick too because many of the children characters had to swap to animals. They all did a great job at switching into convincing characters. They included Kayla Geertsema, Tianli Zhang, Ocean Chen, Yasmine Heng, Louise Pearce, Caroline Pearce, Keila Adinugroho and Mimi Chun.

It was an entertaining night for everyone. Some might say it was much better than Treasure Island with amazing sound effects that startled a few people – the gun sound made many people jump and the lighting gave everything a cosy atmosphere. It may have been a small theatre but it wasn’t empty by far. The props gave an enhanced scene setting and a marvellous job on the hill. The trap door was very effective and sturdy.

Not many hiccups appeared and with these talented actors, they managed to cover up the slightest mistakes. But this show wouldn’t be happening at all without the main characters, Fantastic Mr Fox and his lovely wife (Chee-rae Loi and Bella Soccio). These two portrayed the characters exuberantly and convinced us all that they were indeed fantastic. We almost didn’t notice that Mr Fox was a girl.

Special thanks to the backstage crew and director who gave us all a show of a lifetime and we all can’t wait for what’s in store next. We will all be sure to be there and if you haven’t seen any of the performances, makes sure next time to book tickets so you won’t regret it.

— WSP resident journalist – Phoenix Chen

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