Meet & Greet

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for the Fantastic Mr Fox. You should all be really proud of your efforts.

congratulations to our amazing cast as well!

Now the fun begins with our first meet and greet and then our working bee. Some fun sets to build.


Mr. Fox Chee-Rae Loi
Mrs. Fox Bella Soccio
Narrator Mia Zelesco
Farmer Boggis Stephanie Cheah
Farmer Bunce Lara Donaldson
Farmer Bean Jessica Husband
Mr. Badger Kayla Geertsema
Rat Skye Chen
Mabel Emily Zhang
Small Foxes Xian Loi
Kushinka Jayewardene
Jessie Toh
Lauren Wu
Children Tianli Zhang
Ocean Chen
Yasmine Heng
Louise Pearce
Mrs Badger Caroline Pearce
Small Badger Oliver Wu
Mrs Mole Keila Adinugroho
Mrs Rabbit Mimi Chun
Chicken Angelina Kwok
Small Rabbit Amelia Baxter

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