On the 20th of November a group of eager WSP’ers headed into Melbourne to be a part of Channel Tens “Family Feud” studio audience. Everyone was super excited to see how the show was made, and even more excited when host, Grant Denyer appeared.

The first thing we noticed was that one of us – James – and Grant were wearing the same outfit! After much discussion about how James and Grant are most likely the same person the show was underway. The WSP’ers (being the loudest in the audience) shouted and cheered with A LOT of enthusiasm for their favourite families. A highlight of the night was taking our own surveys, giving ridiculous answers to questions such as “What would you never want your child to know about?” and “Name something you can catch.” Answers included; An illness, A ball and Beiber Fever!

In one night, a massive three shows were recorded! We got to play games, trying to win the prizes on offer and fight each other for Fantales and Minties. Sebastian and Elena shared a touching moment with Grant, confessing their love for one another through a series of hand hearts from the back row.

All the WSP’ers got to learn some pretty nifty things about how TV shows create illusions so it looks completely different for people watching at home! We’d love to share, but we can’t give anything away. At the end of the show we all got pictures with Grant Denyer, who was as kind as he is funny! It was a terrific experience for all who went and everyone should do it, Can’t wait to see it on TV and see if we can spot some familiar faces!

— WSP resident journalist – Ebony Tucker

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