Showtime Class

Over the last 2 years we have successfully performed Treasure Island, Fantastic Mr Fox
and The Sound of Music. This year we are proud to announce our new musical for 2015/2016 – Annie. With this wonderful classic you can bet your bottom dollar you will love it.

As a drama school we want to provide opportunities for everyone, including being a part of a wonderful an amazing experience. A show full of acting, singing and dancing for children between 8 and 18 years old.

Students wanting to get involved in the Showtime Class will be required to audition for roles and then rehearse for our production. It is a major commitment to all those involved and includes weekly rehearsals, weekend and holiday workshops. Students who take part in the Showtime Classes polish their speech and drama skills taught throughout the process of putting on a stage show, and come away with an abundance of confidence.

Weekly classes will be held on Wednesday afternoons and select Fridays with some workshops on the weekend. Our major performances will be in March 2016 with 2-3 excerpt (mini) performances along the way with one already scheduled for November. Specific dates and details will be provided in the audition packs requested. These packs will also include important information included associated costs and requirements for the Showtime classes.

There are four main types of roles that we are looking for:

  • Lead performers who have the title roles of the production
  • Dance Troupe specialist dancers who have multiple dance and potentially other roles in the production
  • Swing performers who are required to play one or more roles
  • Chorus performers who form a part of the acting ensemble and may have one or more roles

Refer to the character and role description below to get an idea of what we are looking for

Book An Audition

Send an email to indicating what role(s) you are interested in or call Shenuka (Production Manager) on 0403 802 952. We will send you back an information pack with more details about the class, the production, the dates and the audition process. This will be followed by the audition monologues which contains the pieces you need to prepare for the auditions and callbacks. Everyone will receive the audition pack at the same time – the last week of June.

Audition Dates

  • Dance Troupe Auditions
    Date: Friday 17th July 2015
    Time: 4.30pm – 5.30pm
    Location: St. Aidans Church, 17-21 Duggan Street, Balwyn North
  • Annie, Oliver Warbucks & General Auditions
    Date: Saturday 18th July 2015
    Time: 1.00pm – 5.30pm
    Location: 1st Lower Templestowe Scout Hall, 1/284 Thompsons Road, Lower Templestowe
  • General Auditions
    Date: Sunday 19th July 2015
    Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm
    Location: 1st Lower Templestowe Scout Hall, 1/284 Thompsons Road, Lower Templestowe


  • Annie & Oliver Warbucks Callback
    Date: Saturday 18th July 2015
    Time: 5.30pm – 7.00pm
    Location: 1st Lower Templestowe Scout Hall, 1/284 Thompsons Road, Lower Templestowe
  • General Callback
    Date: Sunday 19th July 2015
    Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
    Location: 1st Lower Templestowe Scout Hall, 1/284 Thompsons Road, Lower Templestowe



(8-12 years old, experienced performer, excellent actor, singer and dancer)

The role of Annie is that of a 11 year old orphan girl who is looking for her parents. She is streetwise, tough yet vulnerable. Throughout the show she displays a range of qualities including independence, maternal instincts, hope and a yearning to be loved. Although she is at times can be aggressive, crafty and rather cheeky, there is no doubt that Annie is a friendly and caring child. Annie has the biggest role in the show and the actor portraying her needs to get along well with all cast members, boy or girl, younger or older. This performer will need to demonstrate proficient acting skills, competent movement/dance skills and be a fantastic singer. The audience will need to like Annie as soon as she appears on stage.


The role of Sandy has already been cast :), however we are happy to audition other four legged friends for the role as an understudy.

Miss Agatha Hannigan

(14-18 years old, experienced performer, strong singing and acting, comedic, good movement in dance)

Stage age 40 plus. Miss Hannigan is the orphanage matron who is very fond of alcohol. She hates her job and she hates children so she is very cruel to them. Miss Hannigan is almost ridiculously nasty which makes her character seem hilarious at times. The actress portraying this character should be a strong singer and be able to move to music. She needs to be very confident and commanding, have a big voice and be rather bossy. The audience will need to both love and hate her.

Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks

(14-18 years old, experienced performer, excellent actor, good movement and strong singing)

Stage age 40 plus. Oliver Warbucks is a self made, self assured billionaire who knows everyone and is cut throat in the business world. While he often comes across as abrupt and arrogant, he does have a kind heart. At first he is awkwardly affectionate toward Annie, but he soon finds himself completely charmed by her. The actor portraying Oliver Warbucks requires excellent acting skills, some competent movement and a beautiful singing voice. He must command the stage as soon as he enters.

Grace Farrell

(12-18 years old, experienced performer, excellent acting and singing, good movement)

Stage age 25 plus. Grace is Oliver Warbucks’ beautiful and loyal personal secretary. She is efficient and competent, and affirmative in everything she does. Immaculate appearance throughout the show. She is calm, classy and there is a sense that she is in love with Warbucks. Grace is businesslike when dealing with Miss Hannigan and Warbucks, yet maternal toward Annie and shows affection towards her as soon as they meet. The person playing Grace should be a good actress, a strong dancer and have a lovely singing voice.

Daniel “Rooster” Hannigan

(12-18 years old, experienced performer, strong acting, comedic, excellent dancing and singing)

Stage age 30 plus. Rooster is the crooked brother of Miss Hannigan. He is sly, cunning and rather sleazy, flashy and self assured. The actor portraying this role requires excellent comedic acting skills, should be a strong singer and be able to move well to music.

Lily St. Regis

(12-18 years old, experienced performer, strong acting, comedic, excellent dancing and singing)

Stage age 20 plus. Lily is Rooster’s girlfriend. She’s not the brightest of ladies but she’s street smart underneath all the rouge and mascara. Lily is often distracted but will pick up on anything to do with wealth and money. The actress portraying this role should have great comedic timing, be a brilliant performer, fantastic dancer and have good vocal skills but will not sing solos.

President Roosevelt

(12-18 years old, strong acting)

Stage age 50 plus. Role requires an actor who can portray the President of the United States in Musical Comedy style. Aids in the search for Annie’s parents. Strong acting, comedic flair and limited singing required. Could “talk sing” the ensemble piece “Tomorrow”. Needs to have stage presence.


(12-18 years old, strong acting)

Stage age 40 plus. A very loyal butler to Oliver Warbucks and very good friend of his. Requires a good character actor with limited vocal requirements.


(8-16 year olds, excellent actor, singer and dancer)

These girls are gritty, neglected, vulnerable, yet basically honest, and potentially lovable. They have mischievous fun with each other and also have “sibling-style” fights.

  • Molly: littlest orphan who is 6 and best friends with Annie
  • Pepper: toughest girl in the orphanage who is 12, rather bossy and doesn’t get along with Annie
  • Duffy: oldest girl in the orphanage who is 13 and is close friends with Pepper but likes everyone
  • Kate: next to littlest orphan who is 7 and doesn’t speak much but is friends with all
  • Tessie: the crybaby in the orphanage who is 10 and is known for saying ‘ohmygoodness’
  • July: the quietest orphan who is 13 and rather mothering to all

Stage ages (not actual performer’s age) range between 6 and 13 years. All orphans should be competent singers and dancers with excellent acting skills.

Dance Troupe

The Annie Dance Troupe will perform in most musical numbers throughout the show. They should be confident in formations and lines, have great facial expression and be able to sing as they move. The dance troupe will also be a part of the show’s chorus and may be offered roles as featured ensemble members. They will not be asked to sing any solos.

Bert Healy

(12-18 years old, strong acting, comedic, good singing)

Stage age 30 plus. A singing radio announcer, Mr Smooth when it comes to selling the sponsors product. He agrees to broadcast an appeal to Annie’s parents.

Mr. Bundles McCloskey

(12-18 years old, non-singing role)

The laundry man who serves the orphanage. He has an innocent, flirtatious relationship with Miss Hannigan.

The Boylan Sisters

(10-18 years olds, excellent singing)

3 singers named Connie, Bonnie and Ronnie. Radio singers in the style of The Andrews Sisters. Each singer must be proficient in singing tight harmony.

Star To Be

(8-18 years old, excellent singing, excellent dancing)

Stage age 18 plus, a small but dynamic role with the potential to be a showstopper in the big ensemble number NYC.

Lt. Ward

(10-18 years old, strong acting)

A policeman sent to find Annie. A policeman who returns Annie to Miss Hannigan after she escapes from the orphanage.


There will be chorus who appear in many scenes featuring many roles. Chorus members are a big part of the show and therefore need to be disciplined and committed to the production. They will need to be able to meet the singing requirements and choreographic demands of the show. They will not be asked to sing any solos.

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