A custom which Wendy Samantha Productions traditionally upholds every year; is an event where we celebrate the achievements and our hard work towards the Manningham eisteddfod. It’s also known by all the students as the ‘after Manningham eisteddfod party’.

It’s a well looked forward to event and each year we go somewhere different. Previously we’ve travelled locally to ‘build-a-bear’ and bounced far away to intergalactic zones. This year was no different.

Students at Wendy Samantha Productions spent an afternoon at the Action Indoor Sports Centre in Box Hill where we rolled around in giant bubbles. These bubbles were no ordinary bubbles. They were heavy and slightly sweaty but extremely fun to forward roll with. Unless you stopped upside down with your legs kicking out the top of the bubble. Everyone was rescued quickly if this had happened to them while everyone else carried on with the game of bubble soccer. Some of us may have gotten slightly carried away with the rolling and bumping into everyone else like dodgem cars that the concept of soccer flew out the window in no time at all.

It was a fantastic afternoon with different age groups that rotated around to enjoy different activities. Including the giant bubbles we also played dodge-ball with a huge supply of soft balls and volleyball on an inflatable jumping mat. To those who didn’t notice, one side was considerably more deflated than the other and gave an advantage to the other team. However, it made the experience more amusing as everyone struggled to move and jump for the volleyball.

Afterwards, everyone was hot and hungry. Luckily we had party food for all of us. Or maybe a little bit too much; we struggled to finish it all.

Time flew by as we munched away and we had to leave before we knew it. It was a fantastic party and now everyone can’t wait for the next one.

— WSP resident journalist – Phoenix Chen

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