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Our aim is to develop confidence in our students. Our drama classes are the foundation through which we achieve that.


During Term 1 students concentrate on getting to know each other through fun improvisational activities based on their age and skill level. They will build confidence through a range of teamwork exercises that develop trust amongst the children and their teacher. In a nurturing, happy environment – anything is possible! The students enjoy creating small group skits and commercials, dressing up and performing in front of their classmates. There are opportunities to start work on preparations for completing Trinity College of London Speech and Drama examinations.

Term 2 sessions enhance our students abilities through improvisation and script work, including learning individual monologues, poetry, becoming a confident impromptu reader and acting in various genres – from classical plays, contemporary, comedy and dramatic. Students are given work appropriate to their level and age. They continue learning basic stagecraft and are encouraged to take part in performing at local eisteddfods.

Term 3 classes allow students the opportunity to continue working on scenes from various plays and movies. They concentrate on learning various genres of scripts based on their understandings, age groups and ability. They are encouraged to get behind cameras and create their own photo stories, write and direct their own skits, and all are involved in organizing our Wendy Samantha Productions annual fundraiser event. The youngest students rally together family and friends to join us whilst the older classes are responsible for finding venues, contacting organizations and putting together the finer details of the fundraiser. Over the last couple of years we have run our own drama eisteddfod raising money for Unicef, held a huge movie night at Hoyts Cinemas for Urbanseed and assisted disadvantaged families by providing them with show tickets to our production of Treasure Island through Anglicare. The confidence built and skills learnt through running their own events give Wendy Samantha Production students an edge in life. Many of them use these skills when selected as school captains, for scholarships, in auditions, job interviews and much more!

Term 4 focuses on using all the skills developed throughout the year to get everyone on stage for our end of year showcase performance. Students of every age work together, and each class learns a song and dance and presents a scene on stage at a local theatre. Everyone has a speaking role and we have costumes, props, lighting and special effects! Many of our past students like to come back to assist at this celebratory event.


Throughout the year we work on speech clarity and voice projection during classes. Individuals can be given extra sessions where they prepare for special events such as eisteddfods, examinations, school captain speeches, auditions, school interviews and end of year concerts.


All students have the opportunity to join our Glee Club and sing and dance every Friday afternoon. Every class also has the opportunity to sing and even take on solos at the end of year performance. There are individual sessions of singing given to students preparing for auditions and eisteddfods.

Recently students have been getting opportunities to perform to the public in Excerpt performances that we have organised or as a part of an externally organised public event. We are always looking for opportunities for our students to perform and shine.


All students have the opportunity to join our Glee Club where they will prepare dances for chosen songs every Friday afternoon. Our end of year concert also presents an opportunity for all of our classes to learn different dances and perform them on stage. They work with our much loved dance teachers during term 3 and 4.


Throughout the course of each year our students compete in various eisteddfods either individually, in duos or groups. All of our eisteddfods are optional for our students. However, we do find that nearly all of our students choose to participate. It is a great way for them to bond and support each other.

Whilst the focus is on having fun, not winning a prize, our students have consistently achieved the highest accolades and honours over the last five years.

Eisteddfods that our students can participate in:

  • McDonalds Sydney Eisteddfod (Sydney) – June
  • Manningham Eisteddfod (Doncaster) – August
  • Australian National Eisteddfod (Canberra) – Early September
  • Royal South Street (Ballarat) – Mid September
  • SDTAV Performance Festival (South Yarra) – October


Our students have the opportunity to achieve recognition of their speech and drama training by taking part in examinations with the Trinity College London.

The Trinity College’s examinations are recognised and known throughout the world. Exams can be taken by individuals, pairs or groups.

Find out more about the Trinity College London


All of our students are given the opportunity to audition for our productions. These shows are open to the public unlike our end of year performance. Whilst this is a major commitment for our students, it provides a professional platform where they can showcase their immense talent to the public.

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