Pumpkins Performance Group (Kindergarten Students)

Fridays 4:30-5:30pm

The Pumpkins class is all about having fun and gaining confidence through play based activities in a nurturing environment where the children feel comfortable. The sessions allow students to participate in a range of social skill building games and activities in pairs and small groups. They play various improvisation games, individually recite short poems and prose to each other, learn simple stage direction through short scripts and creating skits, and work on holding conversations and public speaking abilities. While the focus is drama during the hour long session, the students will also spend some time moving to music, singing various tunes and learning some basic hip hop skills to develop their voice and sense of rhythm.

Creative Critters (Prep to Year 2 Students)

Fridays 4:00-5:00pm

The Creative Critters drama class continues to help students build their confidence through theatre sports activities, improvisation games and team building tasks. They make up short plays and skits, commercials and narrate freeze frames. The students also start individualising their work, looking at clarity of speech in team presentations, duologues, monologues, and simple readings from storybooks. They enjoy putting together costumes and props and have lots of fun doing so.

Amazing Artists (Year 3 to Year 6 Students)

Fridays 5:00-6:00pm

The Amazing Artists drama group further develops confidence in students through learning about various types of theatre work and stage techniques. They play improvisation games, make up skits, study learn scripts, practice various types of theatre, work on impromptu readings and learn how to prepare for various types of auditions. The students are capable and competent performers who enjoy spending time together, putting on presentations of all kinds.

Stage Magicians (Year 7 to Year 9 Students)

Wednesdays 4:00-5:00pm

The Stage Magicians work closely as a team, encouraging each other and promoting individual abilities. The drama classes focus on portraying various emotions on stage, developing accents and studying more classical pieces of work. The students further their improvisation and theatre craft skills, and often look at writing and directing. They start making decisions about the class content they wish to work on, and come together to assist in organising drama events which gives them the opportunity to develop their independence.

Future Stars (Year 10 Students Onwards)

Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm

The Future Stars are always encouraging of the younger students and are often seen as role models. As a drama class they choose pieces and theatre styles they wish to focus on, and often direct their own theatre sports activities. As the leaders of the school they are looked to in running and organising many of the WSP yearly events. The main focus for the Future Stars is to further develop their creativity and allow them opportunities to express themselves. They continue to develop their individual acting skills and confidence, through improvisation, storytelling, theatre sports, stage work, directing and writing and in working on various plays and script work.

WSP Coaching (By Request)

Individual and small group occasional sessions are available with any WSP teacher, tutor or leader and can be arranged at a convenient time and location. Students often need some extra assistance in preparations for an audition (non WSP audition), a school presentation, eisteddfod, singing or dancing component within a performance and we are more then happy to set some time aside to help you out.

The Performers (Selected Students Only)

Times Available On Request

These sessions are for selected students wanting to complete speech and drama examinations. To take part in these sessions please contact Wendy directly. Classes take place in Templestowe and times are negotiable.

The examinations the students are prepared for will give them qualifications with Trinity College London and they can be sat in groups, pairs or individually. The cost is $25 per individual session for a half hour, or $40 per duo or group for an hour class. The expectations per examination vary depending on the type. The cost per examination varies depending on the grade. Exams are held in April/May, October/November.

For more information or to register email director@wendysamantha.com (duo/group examinations can only be held based on numbers. Examination grade level will be determined by the teacher).

[ + ] WSP Leaders Program (Selected Students)

Wednesdays 4:00-5:00pm

The Leaders (addon) program is specifically designed to further assist those who want to develop their public speaking skills. There is no audition required to take part in this class. With many WSP students taking on various school captaincies or wanting to enhance their confidence and clarity of speech these sessions will promote leadership skills, eye contact, pronunciation, speed, use of cue cards and a positive self esteem through storytelling and various speech activities in a fun learning environment.

WSP Tuition

What better way to learn then in a comfortable, friendly environment that stimulates interest and promotes achievement! At WSP we are a family that supports each other and while our focus is the performing arts, we know that all academic areas are just as important in becoming a confident, well rounded individual. So with the help of the very talented WSP teachers, tutors and leaders the team will work together in overseeing the learning of all the students who join this session. Programs are individually created, with the exception to the kindergarten class where the small group of students take part in pre-prepared lesson plans. See session information below.

– Kindergarten Program (Kindergarten Students)

Fridays 4:00-4:30pm

The kindergarten program focuses on developing the young students understanding of early years literacy and numeracy. The students learn the alphabet and build a phonological awareness in order to encourage their reading and writing. They work with patterns, sorting, counting and applying shapes, and learn to apply simple addition and subtraction calculations to every day life. The abilities enhanced during this class is aimed at developing confidence and readiness for primary school. Parents are asked to contact Wendy before commencing sessions in order to check for suitability.

– Happy Homework Helpers (Primary School to Secondary School Students)

Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm, Fridays 5:30-6:30pm, 6:30-7:30pm

These homework sessions are designed to help students in becoming confident learners in any situation. Individually catered for, the students are asked to bring in their school homework and they will be assisted through the topics, activities or projects. Parents are required to contact Wendy before commencing sessions so preparations can be made for each individual student.

Singing & Dancing

Glee Club (Year 3 to Year 12 Students)

Fridays 6:00-7:30pm

Glee Club combines singing, dancing and acting in a comfortable setting that allows students to grow as performers and gain confidence. Each term focuses on a specific theme that students use to perform several short drama scenes, choreograph their own dance routines and learn songs. They are placed into small groups of mixed ages and present their selections to their peers every few weeks. Glee Club students also spend time working on whole group song and dance medleys as directed by their teacher and tutors.

It is expected that the WSP Glee Club will put on several performances throughout the year at various events, including the WSP annual End of Year Concert.

Wendy oversees Glee Club and will spend time with the students teaching them basic stage skills and providing them with an understanding of music theory. Kat runs the singing component of the club and hopes the students will learn to sing with a diverse group of people and to enjoy the simplicity and technicality that singing has to offer. Amelia runs the dance component of the club and hopes to enrich all students’ dancing ability and encourage them to a build on their skills – let your diversity and talent shine. Students can be of any level – the goal is to have fun! See classes below for more specifically focused sessions.

[+] Allegro – audition based (Fridays 4-5pm)

Allegro, like Fortè, is a new vocal group that WSP has to offer next year that is a step-up (difficulty-wise) from Glee Club, yet is an intermediate level compared to the difficulty of Fortè. This group will teach singers to refine their skill and broaden their abilities, while gaining some confidence so they can sing solos and learn to harmonize with one another.

[+] Forte – audition based (Fridays 5-6pm)

Fortè is a fresh, new advanced vocal group that has joined the WSP class schedule in term 4 this year. It is a selective singing group that is made up of students with advanced vocal abilities for the chance to sing more difficult material than what Glee Club has to offer.

[+] Illusion – audition based (Wednesday 6-7pm)

Following much demand from the dancing at Glee we will now be launching a specific dance only session- The 2017 Dance Class Illusion.

The 2017 class of ‘Illusion’ will include warm up, conditioning a broad range of dances that will enable students to broaden their skills and knowledge. Such dances will include a variety of styles consisting of specifically lyrical, contemporary, jazz and acrobatics.

These classes are designed to be a challenging yet positive experience that engages each and every child of all ages whilst improving their skills.

Auditions for the above add on classses will be held the week before Term 1 commences. To book in for an audition spot please email your interest to Wendy at director@wendysamantha.com. For students wishing to commence the programs after Term 1 auditions will be held last week of every term.


Hip Hop classes at WSP are full of energy, fun and the latest funky tunes to dance to on a Friday. The hour long sessions include learning routines based on jazz funk fused with hip hop, the type of dances used in music videos and commercials. Classes begin with a quick warm up and then students learn various routines over the term. Performances for the hip hop students include the mid year showcase, end of year concert and various other festivals and WSP events. See session information below.

– G-Force (Beginner to Intermediate Students)

Fridays 4:00-5:00pm

These beginner sessions are for younger students wanting to have a bit of fun, and develop their hip hop skills.

– Collision (Advanced Students)

Wednesday 4:00-5:00pm

These advanced Hip Hop classes are a continuation of the G-Force program.


Showtime (Productions) Auditioned Students

Students wanting to get involved in the Showtime Class will be required to audition. Rehearsals then commence and are a major commitment to all those involved, with sessions including weekly rehearsals, weekend and sometimes holiday workshops.

Students who take part in the Showtime Classes polish the speech and drama skills taught throughout the process of putting on a stage show, and come away with an abundance of confidence. Attendance to all scheduled Showtime classes is mandatory with strict expectations clearly set.

Along with costumes, props, make-up and staging, those who take part are always excited to be involved in the publicity for the performance, as well as putting on the show itself. There are numerous photoshoots for fliers and posters, backstage interviews, and of course our very special celebratory after party.

Over the last few years we have successfully performed Treasure Island, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Sound of Music and Annie.

We are currently working on our junior production of Hairspray Jr to be presented in May 2017. Stay tuned for more information about our Senior show later this year with auditions around May/June and the production presented in October 2017.