2015 Manningham Eisteddfod – Speech and Drama Day 2

Congratulations to everyone who competed

Saturday morning and again the WSP team headed in to the Bulleen Baptist Church, filling up the well warmed room. With lots of children unfortunately coming down sick, it was fantastic to see those who were at the competition step in for their peers. A special thanks to Mia, Chloe, Kayla, Kat, James, Grace, Lauren who filled in for those unwell and well done to Ashleigh T for her great organisation with the little ones.


The day started with the individuals – the recitations and the readings. Then we hit the duos, improvs and groups. It was a very successful morning, followed by an afternoon that topped it all! The older kiddos were in full swing with their talent all on display, and at the end of the final event our very own WSPer Alison Wells was awarded the Gladys Benson Memorial Trophy – which goes to the student deemed to have the most potential throughout the entire speech and drama competition! Well done Ali! This is the fourth time in a row we have received the honour, Ali following our WSP superstars who also include Mia Zelesco (2014), Kushinka Jayewardene (2013) and Monique Clancy (2012).


Congrats to everyone, including those who appeared at the Manningham Eisteddfod for the first time – Sebastian C and Ali.

Well done to everyone… now on to the party!


  • Gladys Benson Memorial Trophy 2015
    Alison Wells
  • 15 Years & Under Junior Solo
    Kate Woolley
  • 14 Years & Under Impromptu
    3rd place Kate Woolley
  • 14 Years & Under Poem or Play
    1st place Kate Woolley,
    3rd place Katie Worboyes & Sebastian Campitelli,
    Honourable Mentions Chee-Rae Lui & Mia Zelesco
  • 13 Years & Under Duo Acting
    1st place Jessica Husband & Mia Zelesco,
    3rd place Chloe Bettiss & Keila Adinugroho
  • 10 Years & Under Duo Acting
    1st place Ashleigh Hughes & Lauren Wu, 3rd place Jessie Toh & Matilda Wise
  • 10 Years & Under Recitation/b>
    1st place Lauren Wu,
    Honourable Mention Max Nania
  • 8 Years & Under Recitation/b>
    2nd place Elyssia Wang,
    3rd place Dimitri Bregianis


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