2015 Manningham Eisteddfod – Speech and Drama Day 1

Congratulations to all, and particularly those who competed for the very first time today

As always, the Manningham Eisteddfod is an early start to a Saturday morning! So at 8:30am we had our little 8 and under WSPers awaiting to take the stage. I would like to take this opportunity to really commend those children, as being so young and having to stand in front of an audience to recite a little piece is not an easy task for anyone and to perform with such poise and presence is something to be so very highly commended for.

The standard at the competition seems to be rising every year (as well as the heating in the room!) and I know the audience thoroughly enjoyed the entire day. Our 10 and unders hit the stage in the second section, followed by their duos and a quick dash home for a break at lunch. With wheelchair in arm (for some reason we often require a wheelchair in our scenes) we then headed into an afternoon with the 13 and under duos, 14 and under reading, poem or play and the 15 and under junior solo championship.


The WSP team’s talent was very much on display and I love that scenes varied from then and now – fashion to food, monsters to madness, operations to orphans, hospitals to Heathcliff!

Congratulations to all, and particularly those who competed for the very first time today – Alysha (who stepped in after only a few weeks at drama!), Dimitri, Max E, Tobias, Zara, Gabe, Stephanie, Amelia L, Chloe, Kate C, Daisie, Frances and Oshini. Special thanks to Skye who stepped in for someone who wasn’t well – gosh it’s great to see teamwork, support and encouragement!

Looking forward to next week.


  • 15 Years & Under Junior Solo
    1st place Kate Woolley
  • 14 Years & Under Impromptu Reading
    3rd place Kate Woolley
  • 14 Years & Under Poem/Play
    1st place Kate Woolley
    3rd place Sebastian Campitelli & Katie Worboyes
    Honourable mentions to Chee-Rae Loi & Mia Zelesco
  • 13 Years & Under Duo Acting
    1st place Jessica Husband & Mia Zelesco
    3rd place Chloe Bettiss & Keila Adinugroho
  • 10 Years & Under Duo Acting
    1st place Ashleigh Hughes & Lauren Wu
    3rd place Jessie Toh & Matilda Wise
  • 10 Years & Under Recitation
    1st place Lauren Wu
    Honourable Mentions to Max Nania
  • 8 Years & Under Recitation
    2nd place Elysia Wang
    3rd place Dimitri Bregianis

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