Two full days of speech and drama – ing are always entertaining, exhilarating, exhausting and of course extremely rewarding! And living, breathing drama is just what the WSPers do.

So we started last Saturday, with the freezing chilly air, ice on the windscreens and an 8:30am beginning. The little ones were up first and we congratulate Disha and Riya on brilliant performances in the 8 years and under recitation. We went on to the 10 and under individuals with Kiren, Kushinka, Kayla and Ocean all doing their very best. A very high standard of work set by the youngsters early morning!

The 10 years and under duologues were up next, and what a range of pieces we had! There was straw flying all over the place, and queens screaming, we had baseball coaches and very very strict teachers! There was lost homework and glitz and glamour, we had the ruby red slippers and cheeky children. Congratulations to you all Kiren, Keila, Kayla, Jessie, Kushinka, Juliana, Ocean, Grace, Charlotte, Saskia, and special mention to Caroline who was competing in her very first drama competition, and Ashleigh T who stepped in for one of our little ones who couldn’t be there. We applaud your work Ashleigh, your efforts and the love and care you give the younger students.

After a very quick lunch, it was on to the older students with the 14 years and under poem or play. The WSPers set the standard as well as the tone with some highly dramatic pieces! Congratulations to Mia, Phoenix, Katie, Kate, Elena, Abby & Brooke. Some of the performances brought tears to the eyes!

We continued the afternoon with the 14 and under impromptu reading, followed by the 15 years and under junior solo. Well done Jessica H who took to the stage for the very first time at a speech and drama eisteddfod!

On to day 2 of the big event… and what a big day it was!
Another early start and some tear-jerking pieces. Huge round of applause to Mia, Jessica, Skye, Chee-Rae, Bella, Penelope, Xian and Elizabeth who was at her very first drama event!

We continued on with the impromptu reading, a lovely selection from Harry Potter! Fantastic work by Chee-Rae, Tianli, Skye, Mia, Kayla, Jessie & Juliana. Very impressive.

The improvisation in pairs is always a bit of fun, and Jessica, Chee-Rae, Bella, Penelope, Xian, Tess, Charlotte, Juliana, Kayla and Kushinka thoroughly entertained. Thanks so much to Juliana for stepping in when one of our students couldn’t make it, and well done to Tess who was at her very first drama competition!

The dramatic morning continued with a big BIG section – the 12 years and under group work. There were pirates and jellybeans, fairytale characters and silly detectives, there was Dorothy, her friends and the 3 little pigs, the scariest big bad wolf and Alice and her tweedles! Lots and lots of fun, face paint and fantastic efforts! Congratulations to Jessica, Skye, Chee-Rae, Penelope, Elizabeth, Bella, Kushinka, Saskia, Jessie, Ocean, Oliver, Max N, Kayla, Charlotte, Juliana, Amelia, Disha & Riya, and to those who were making their speech and drama debuts – Louise, Frederick, Sebastian, Nathan, Ashleigh H, Angelina, Lauren, Grace and Elysia!

Phew! And then it was midday!

The 13 years and under duos started off the afternoon and what a delight. There were tears and tantrums, and robbers and bathtubs, teacups and all sorts of dramatic entertainment! So proud of Tianli, Max W, Bella, Katie, Brooke, Tess, Xian, Jessica, Skye, Mia, Chee-Rae, Elena, Kate, Penelope, Elizabeth, Yasmine, Angie, Bianca, Louise & Sam who was another first timer today.

Our last couple of hours for the day featured our Future Stars – Laura, Monique, James and Alex starting off with some brilliant impromptu reading from Great Expectations. Then we had our duos and Phoenix, Jean-Marc, Heidi, Ashleigh T, Kate, Kat and Ebony joined in on the fun. Great performances by all!

With some poetry and play selections to finish off the day, we applauded Laura, Monique and Mia – who was then awarded the Gladys Benson Memorial Trophy for 2014! The overall winner of the competition, and the third year in a row it went to a WSPer!


Congratulations to everyone.

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