Drama days are always full of drama, but none more so than this morning!

I am text writing this on my phone as I rock my little one to sleep on the nursing chair – but I simply must get this report online because I am just so impressed with so many of the WSPers today!

All during the week we had children pulling out from their events due to illnesses. This year’s Manningham Eisteddfod was looking like the event to be sick at – yours truly included! We had swapped partners around and organized for others to fill in for groups, we had students reading scripts on stage and WSPers running from scene to scene, ripping off costumes as fast as they could! The drama on stage was equal to what was going on behind the scenes!

I am completely in awe of the large amount of lines all of you learnt. I have been sitting there over the last few weeks thinking this. Many of you have performed monologues and duos and group scenes, not to mention your impromptus and improvisations. But what amazing memories you all have! And to those little youngsters out there I applaud you in particular because for many of you it was the first time you had to learn scenes of such length and for so many scripts!

To those students who stepped up and filled in for someone we can’t thank you enough. I am so proud of the WSP spirit, the support you give each other, the encouragement. To Skye and Chee-Rae who stood in today performing the Wizard of Oz, how you learnt lines for an entire scene in 30 minutes before you went on stage is truly amazing! Hats off to you!

Well done Phoenix who learnt a whole duologue in one night! Thank you Kate for filling in with the frilly neck scene! Congratulations to Galen and Oliver who were competing in their first drama comp! Thank you everyone for your support with costuming, props, and all the running around that takes place beyond the stage!

From tights to mustaches, witches to piglets, marriage proposals to chicken jokes, ship captains and crazy waiters, lions and little women, Pooh Bear and Macbeth and sticking hands in a big cream cake! It was a morning to never forget.

Congratulations to you all.


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