Another weekend, another fun filled day of drama! With lots of sickies taking to the stage, it was important we have enough sour snakes to go around!

Today brought about the 12 and under recitation, the impromptu reading, the improvisation in pairs and the 13 and under duologues.

What a high standard of performing! Thank you to Mia and Skye who filled in for those who were not well, and great work by Elena and Brooke who got thrown into the improvisation section 1 minute before the event took place!

To those of you who have been unwell but yet conjured up an amazing strength and carried on to perform, I am in awe of you.

Truly well done. Special mention to Juliana and Kayla who took part in their first impromptu reading. The text was very difficult and you showed such poise and skill – can see great things ahead in your drama futures! Also to Bella, Izzy and Tianli a fantastic effort for your first eisteddfod!

Today was a mixture of emotions, a mixture of monologues and scenes! We had the classics and the comedies, a very very bad little girl and quarreling wives. We had a one-legged Tarzan and snowflakes falling from the sky, we had star gazers and Snow White, cancer patients and fairies, surgery patients and naughty nannies at camp, lost daughters, toilet paper stealers, bickering friends and muffins!

I applaud you all and want you to know just how amazingly proud I am of each and every one of you.

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