The start of a dramatic three weeks!

As the icy morning froze the feet, the little 8 and unders and the singing WSPers were warming up at the Manningham Eisteddfod!

Running back and forth between the speech and drama section and the singing section was not exactly my most ideal morning, but I was so very pleased with those performing and so seemed my little girl who was carried to and fro!

Congratulations to Laura and James who performed their first singing solos! Great things to come I do believe! And well done to Amelia, Grace, Keila, Disha, Riya and Angie for taking part in their very first speech and drama comp. So very impressive!

Today we had the little ones with their recitations, then their duos, followed by our senior WSPers troupe performing individuals, impromptu readings and solos.

It was a day of high quality performances, of great confidence and so very much talent! We had students with funny hats and long noses, we had cheerleaders and tomato lovers, cats and talking logs! We had Alice from her wonderland, magic carpets and funny medical patients, we had Dorothy from Oz and some amazing monologues and poetry recitations.

Well done and a very big pat on the back to all of you. Watching you perform today I sat so proud of your achievements. To learn lines and get up on stage takes dedication and courage, not to mention all of the talent that was on display.

More great things to come I’m sure!

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