Another big Saturday morning starting things off at 8:30am, but it was the final day of the Manningham Eisteddfod and the adrenaline was pumped high!

We had Juliana, Kayla, Brooklynn, Kushinka and Joe performing first in the 8 Years and Under Recitation and they made us all very proud! There were over 20 competitors, who were all very confident and very cute. Special congratulations to Juliana, Kayla and Brooklynn who were performing in their very first individual section.

An hour later Mia Z, Stephanie, Chee-Rae, Xian, Lara, Skye, Georgie and Alice took to the stage with the 10 Years and Under Recitation. I am always so impressed by individual performances, it’s a tough thing to do getting up on stage and having everyone look at just at you! Not to mention having to recall a piece of work that runs for 2 – 4 minutes – AMAZING! A special well done to Alice for her first individual performance!

Next we had the 10 Years and Under Duos which was broken into two sections so there was enough time for a quick lunch! All scenes created lots of entertainment and everyone performed to such a high standard. What a tough decision for the judge!

Congratulations to Millie, Jessie, Juliana, Kushinka, Ocean, Brooklynn, Kushinka, Felicia, Alannah, Brittney, Harley, Georgia, Kate CS, Stephanie, Skye, Lara, Penelope, Chee-Rae, Celina, Aislinn, Emma, Mia Z, Joe, Lorenzo, Xian and Jemima, along with those who were performing in their very first eisteddfod – Aidan, Brianna, Mimi, Angus, Saskia, Yasmine, Maddie, Matilda, Layla, Molly F, Max, Emily, Mia MC, Layne, Olivia and Max (who were filling in for a pair who couldn’t make it and learnt their lines in a week)! It was such a brilliant section, with wicked witches and glitter, pumpkins and superglue, soup and telephones, wheelchairs and breadrolls, cornflakes and a giant tortoise shell! A HUGE well done to all!

Our final event for the day was the 16 and under duos. Our 12-14 year old WSP crew were up against some students who are studying VCE drama and the standard was very high! The poor judge said at the end of the section she was going to have nightmares over her decision! A huge well done to James, Jean-Marc, Alex, Hannah J, Isobelle, Phoenix, Hannah T, Amanda, Laura and Monique. Great costumes and props, lots of sugar in the teacup and as always I am so pleased at how you all work together and support each other.

I must say before I finish this report, learning an individual piece or a duo is really tricky. There are actions and stage direction to remember, what to do with props and for some of your there are special accents. Many of you learnt both duos and individuals, and then some of you learnt two duos as well or even more pieces and you should all be highly commended on your amazing efforts! You are all an inspiration to each other and those around you – and in this I include the positivity you give to me! I couldn’t dream of a better job, in fact it’s not a job at all because every class with you all is like spending time with great friends and family – which is what you all are to me.

Special well done to Monique who was awarded the Gladys Benson Memorial Trophy. This award is presented to the competitor who the judge feels out of the entire speech and drama festival has displayed the most talent and potential over several sections entered. Congratulations Monique!

Looking forward to dancing the night away with everyone this coming Friday at our disco! Dress to impress!

DAY 1Manningham Eisteddfod Day 1

WEBSITEView the results at the Manningham Eisteddfod Website


8 Years and Under Recitation
  • 1st place to Joe
  • Honourable Mention to Kushinka
10 Years and Under Recitation
  • 1st place to Mia Z
  • Honourable Mentions to Stephanie, Georgie, Chee-Rae, Lara
10 Years and Under Duo
  • 1st place to Mia Z and Penelope
  • 2nd place to Kushinka and Juliana
  • Equal 3rd place to Harley and Max, Jemima and Georgie
  • Honourable Mentions to Alannah and Layla, Joe and Lorenzo, Chee-Rae and Lara, Stephanie and Emily, Felicia and Yasmine
16 and Under Duo
  • Equal 3rd place to Alex and Hannah J, Laura and Monique
Gladys Benson Memorial Trophy
  • Memorial Trophy awarded to Monique

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