A 9am start for the Manningham Eisteddfod is very reasonable, if you don’t have to be there till 9pm at night! But what a fantastic day it was!

Armed as always with costumes, props and scripts, the WSP team started off with the 12 years and under recitation. A fantastic effort by Elena, Kate W and Katie! The judge said she was completely blown away by such a high standard and for all of you to receive places for your performances you should be so proud!

We ventured off then to the 12 years and under impromptu reading. Well done to Elena, Mia Z, Skye, Kate W, Katie, Stephanie, Abby, Brooke, Harley, Phoenix, Emily and Hannah J! Special mention to Elena, Kate W, Abby, Brooke and Emily who were doing their very first readings, Emily who was appearing at a speech and drama competition for the first time too! It was lovely to hear the expression and clarity in all of your voices, and I think we can all now recite that particular section of James and the Giant Peach!

A fun improvisation in pairs section followed with Chee-Rae and Mia, Hannah J (special thanks to Hannah for filling in) and Harley, Kate CS and Georgia, Skye and Ocean, Phoenix and Brooke, Abby and Katie, Georgie and Alice, Xian and Anthony, Emily and Emma, Lara and Stephanie, Elena and Kate W. The topics to choose from were a fairytale in a minute, disaster in the kitchen, and you talk too much which all made for very entertaining pieces! We had explosions and detention, fire and recipes going wrong – I must say I don’t think I’d ever want any of you in my kitchen! I was so please at how you all worked together though, and you had obviously listened to me when I kept telling you all to UP THE STAKES! Excellent work and thanks for making us all laugh.

With a 10 minute dash out for lunch, we were back just in time for the 13 Years and Under Duo acting. We had classic pieces and comedies, giggles and tears, again the judge was put in quite a position when she had to decide the places. I was so proud of all of you, your performances were absolutely amazing. Congrats to Kate W, Katie, Abby, Molly P, Laura, Heidi, Hannah J, Phoenix, Emma, Molly F, Elena, Brooke, Mia Z, Harley, James, Monique, Skye, Aislinn, Kate CS, Georgia, Georgie and Alice! Special mention to Molly P and Molly F who were performing on stage for the first time! And thank you to my loving brother Mark who allowed us to borrow his special shoes. I think it gave the pair a real lift!

On then to the storytelling with Jean-Marc, Mia Z and James. Some times in this section you never know what is going to come out of the performers mouths! But you all entertained us thoroughly and you should be extremely pleased with your stories. I know the audience was thoroughly entertained!

As the afternoon went on, the heater got louder and so did the rain! Alex, Monique, Hannah T, Laura, Amanda and James took to the stage for an impromptu reading, well done Monique and Amanda on your very first individual performances! Then we had a chance to relax for a half hour and so being the WSP team that we are decided to interview each other, make up dances and commercials! (These will feature in our end of year concert highlight’s video!)

Alex, Monique and Laura showed us poise and amazing talent in the 14 years and under poem or play section, and then as the clock hit 8pm Hannah J, Mia Z and Kate W finished off the evening in the 15 years and under junior solo. I must say for these youngsters, competing against children who are 4 – 5 years older, you just have to be so proud of your achievements!

It was a day of so many emotions and as always brilliant teamwork. I can’t thank the parents enough for their support and the way everyone is so encouraging of each other.

Now looking to next Saturday for Day 2! Rest up WSP crew, the party’s not over yet!

DAY 2Manningham Eisteddfod Day 2

WEBSITEView the results at the Manningham Eisteddfod Website


12 Years and Under Recitation
  • 1st place to Kate Woolley
  • Honorable Mentions to Elena and Katie
12 Years and Under Impromptu Reading
  • Honourable Mentions to Elena, Mia, Katie, Harley, Hannah J
13 Years and Under Duo Acting
  • 1st place to James & Monique
  • 2nd place to Elena & Brooke
  • 3rd place to Kate W & Katie
  • Honourable Mentions to Laura & Heidi, Hannah J & Phoenix, Mia Z & Harley
14 Years and Under Storytelling
  • 1st place to Mia Z
  • 3rd place to James
14 Years and Under Poem or Play
  • 3rd place to Alex
  • Honourable Mention to Laura
14 Years and Under Junior Solo
  • 2nd place to Kate W
  • 3rd place to Mia Z

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