A HUGE well done to everyone involved in putting our WSP EYC Mission Impossible together. What a fantastic night of amazing performances!

We were thrilled to be able to hand over our giant cheque from our 2012 fundraiser to UrbanSeed, and celebrate FIVE OUTSTANDING years of WSP!

The Balwyn High School Theatre was buzzing with excitement and I hope you all enjoyed putting on the show, and watching it.

A HUGE special thanks to Teri, Hollie and Catriona our dance choreographers, to Mark for the fight sequencing, sound and lighting, to my Lorraine for all the costumes. To Skye and Ocean for stepping up and filling in for those who couldn’t make it on stage, to the Donaldson family for the brilliant programs, to Donna, Elise, Camille, and Shenuka.

Of course we are also feeling very blessed that Alyssia could join us!

Also thanks everyone for their contributions to the Five Year Anniversary Year Book. We hope it is something you keep and treasure for years to come.

2013 awaits and can’t wait to see you all back in action!


Class of 2012
  • The 2012 Outstanding Achievement Awards
    Growth In Confidence
    • Mimi Chun
    • Lorenzo Porto
    • Jessie Toh
    • Abby Ward
    • Matilda Wise
    Character Development
    • Georgia Butler
    • Phoenix Chen
    • Lara Donaldson
    • Penelope Gordon
    Outstanding Perfomances
    • Monique Clancy
    • James Worboyes
    • Mia Zelesco
    • Elena Giannaris
    • Harley Beechey
    • Amanda Chang
    • Saskia Heng
    • Xian Loi
    • Rosie Mills
    • Eilidh Miriklis
    • Emily Zhang
    • Kate Woolley
  • Group Achievement
    • Future Stars
      Alexandra Baker, Amanda Chang, Isabelle Chow, Monique Clancy, Indiana Florent-Saill, Jean-Marc Kurban, Eilidh Miriklis, Heidi Roast, Hannah Tran, Laura Wilcox, James Worboyes
    The 2012 Leadership Awards
    • Jean-Marc Kurban
    • Heidi Roast
    • Jemima Wotherspoon
    The 2012 Rising Star Awards
    • Pumpkins Kushinka Jayewardene
    • Creative Critters Stephanie Cheah
    • Drama Monkeys Alice Anderson
    • Stage Magicians Brooke Crundall
    • Future Stars Laura Wilcox

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