What class!

Let me start by saying what an amazing display of talent there was on stage today!

The standard of all performances was so high, and I hope you are all proud of your achievements because the audience certainly was impressed!

I have seen all of you practicing and rehearsing like crazy over the last couple of weeks, and I too was blown away by the brilliance you took to the stage. It was such an enjoyable afternoon, and you all set up your scenes and held yourselves throughout the section to the highest of standards. There were many comments on how well organised you all were with costumes and props and scripts and all the team work. Well done!

A HUGE congratulations to those who were competing in their very first eisteddfod – Georgia, Emma, Monique, Lorenzo, Abby, Amanda, Brooklynn, Millie, Felicia and Britney!

What a huge group effort and such support from you all. Special mention to those who were unable to compete this time around, but came to cheer us on. Lovely to see Angus and Molly in the crowd, and also thank you to Molly for organising that fantastic wheelchair!

I do believe ANZAC day rehearsals paid off (or maybe it was the pizza and chocolate!), but along with our favourite strawberry clouds, eyeballs rolling across the stage, cupcakes and many moustaches, Sunday April 29th was always going to be a memorable one!

Georgia, Emma and Aislinn started us off with a brilliant trip down the yellow brick road. Monique, Isabelle, Eilidh and Laura then took to the stage with all the drama that those delving into witchcraft could imagine!

Alex, Jean-Marc, Hannah T and James delighted us by eating chocolate and smoking pipes in My Fair Lady and Kate CS, Skye and Celina got us giggling when the doctor stitched up her phone inside her patient!

With a HUGE group effort by The Stage Monkeys, Joe, Georgie, Chee-Rae, Xian, Lorenzo, Alice, Anthony and Jemima entertained us with some ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ dancing, rapping and singing!

Elena and Abby hypnotised us superbly, then Brooke, Kate W and Katie made us want to hide under the covers whilst they stirred up some Shakespeare in their cauldron!

Hannah J threw Phoenix, Amanda and Heidi across the stage (all with practice!) with a thriller of a drama, then Charlotte, Juliana, Brooklynn and Jessie made sure that we would never again eat food out of a bucket! (not that one would!)

Ocean, Kushinka, Alannah and Millie showed us how to play a twit and got the audience laughing with their practical jokes (nice hit with the bat Ocean!).

Stephanie, Lara, Penelope and Mia who showed us what really happens at tea parties, and finally Felicia and Britney finished off our WSP team performances with a piece that makes you never want to be a waitress.. or a customer!

A huge round of applause to you all!

Thank you to all the parents, family and friends for your support. The encouragement you give to all those involved in WSP is irreplaceable and so very appreciated!

What team spirit!

Now on to hiring out our party venue!


15 Years and Under Group/Duo Scenes
  • 1st Place to Kate W, Brooke & Katie
  • 2nd Place to Monique, Laura, Eilidh & Isabelle
  • Honourable Mentions to Jean-Marc, Alex, James, Hannah T; Elena & Abby; Jo, Georgie, Chee-Rae, Xian, Lorenzo, Alice, Anthony & Jemima; Stephanie, Lara, Penelope & Mia

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