Custard & Fish Fingers!

Woke early on Saturday morning armed with a sonic screwdriver and hopped into Doctor Who’s time traveling Tardis. Unfortunately as magical as drama can be the machine didn’t want to take us to the Eisteddfod so we folded it up and maneuvered it into the back of the car! Phew!

We started off the morning with the little ones delighting the audience with their poetry. Well done to Xian and a special mention to Charlotte, Ocean and Kushinka who were performing their very first individuals! It was a great way to start the day.

As the older students arrived the buzz of excitement increased and so did the nerves! The reading was an adventurous one where tension had to mount and Phoenix, Skye, Matthew, Stephanie, Mia, Chee-Rae, Katie, James, Amelia, Shayoni, Hannah J all performed with such poise. There was even smooth page turning!


The next section is always a favourite where pairs improvise a scene with only 1 minute to prepare. We had lots of laughter and giggles from the audience, and very interesting storylines – not to mention some very naughty monkeys! Fantastic effort by Matthew, James, Hannah J, Lea, Georgie, Chee-Rae, Shayoni, Amelia, Mia, Kate W, Katie, Stephanie, Penelope, Angelique, Phoenix and Alice – special thanks to Jean-Marc and Skye who filled in for team mates who could not be there today.

Heading into lunch we were treated to Launa’s amazing cooking! Thank you so much for having the whole gang over! There were so many mouths to feed but so much food and we truly are grateful to you and Ocean, Skye and Phoenix. Without the delicious lunch we would not have been able to go on!

A quick sprint across the road back in time for the 12 and under individuals we took to the stage with comedy and drama. Matthew scared the audience with an exciting tale of terror, Amelia and Phoenix had us in giggles with some Roald Dahl, and Hannah J left us speechless with her touching dramatic monologue.

The Tardis and the Doctor arrives at the Manningham Eisteddfod

The Tardis and the Doctor arrives at the Manningham Eisteddfod

For our final section the WSP kids changed and sugared up ready to bounce off the walls! We had the classics, the contemporary, the hilarious and tearful! We had props of all sorts, including a giant egg, talking doll, police phone booth AND had Hannah J eat custard and ‘fish fingers’ on stage! Great acting considering it wasn’t exactly a delicious meal! (Would have also glued Matthew and James together but it would have required too much nail polish remover to undo the hands and then Matthew may have ended up with two injured arms!). Special well done to Alex who made it into the French Poetry Competition finals and then had to race from the city to Doncaster in time to be blinded up on stage! So proud of Amelia, Shayoni, Laura, Eilidh, Phoenix, Alley, Hannah T, Jean-Marc, James, Matthew, Hannah J, Lea, Alex, Mia, Heidi, Isabelle C, Chee-Rae and Georgie! Brilliant effort by all!

It was a fantastic two weeks of rehearsals and performances, the main lesson being beautifully obvious – Can’t stop the spirit of the WSP team! I am so proud of how everyone encourages each other and the way you all work together even during individual items. It never matters how you place, it’s just positivitiy all the way!

How lucky I am to be working with you all! (And P.S. It’s ‘wIsp’ when you say WSP!)

Now onto the parties!

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