A Day of Powerful Emotions!

The Manningham Eisteddfod is always a favourite event of mine. I remember my first performance here when I was 7 and so it has always been special. The medals are still the same as the ones I treasure in my trophy cabinet and the environment is just as encouraging as I felt when I was a child.

I must say a huge HUGE congratulations to all those who performed today. We had students who were reciting their very first individuals, some who took to the stage in their first duologues, others who were trying out storytelling and then there were those who presented pieces of the most highest standard – pieces that were not only challenging but extremely advanced for their age groups!

I am so proud of each and every one of you. It takes so much courage to just put your hand up to enter a section, let alone get up and perform in front of an audience and an adjudicator!

We started the lovely morning off with the 10 and Under Recitations. The audience was entertained with giggles and suspenseful drama! Congratulations to Jemima, Sophie and Celina who were competing in their first individual section! Fantastic effort by all, including Skye, Lara, Stephanie, Georgie, Kate W, Mia and Katie.


Next we were treated to some duologues and I must say that it we must make special mention to Ocean and Charlotte who learnt their script the day before! Fantastic group efforts by Skye & Sophie, Stephanie & Kate, Kate W and Mia, Jemima & Kate CS, Penelope & Angelique, Aislinn & Alice, Georgie & Lara, Juliana & Jessie, Alannah & Kushinka! We had comedy and drama, laughter and tears, we had the girlie attitudes and the nasty rivals, we had the classics and the cuteness! What a mixture of emotions!

There was a nice lunch break and then we sat down ready for the storytelling section. As this is a non-scripted event, you are never sure of what may happen! It was Alley, James, Jean-Marc and Alex’s first time standing on a stage telling a story – and we were wowed!! Brilliant effort also by Mia & Hannah J who got the crowd laughing with some Andy Griffiths. You all had such poise and flair, confidence and looked like you were having fun! The audience appreciated all of your hard work – including Jean-Marc’s ending to the big bad wolf!

With some free time outside we took a breath of fresh air and played a few silly games, took some funny photographs and trialed out a few of James’ marching with your eyes shut theories! We gave Jean-Marc a dramatic phone call since he had ventured off to basketball, and then it was back inside for the final two sections!


What a tough book that was selected for the 14 and under impromptu reading! Well done to Katie for filling in for one of our students who couldn’t make it. Fantastic reading by all, including Matthew who had injured his wrist and yet still managed to hold the book beautifully! Congratulations to Alex, Hannah T, Hannah J, James, Laura and Jean-Marc too!

Our final section was one where our under 12’s were up against 15 year olds! But good on our Hannah J, Mia and Kate for getting up and completely blowing away the audience with their amazing talent and brilliant performances. You three were absolutely superb!

Everyone deserves a huge pat on the back! I am very lucky to be working with such amazing youngsters and I was thrilled to pieces with all of your performances!!! Today was yet another example of why teaching is so amazingly rewarding 🙂

Time for bed and then to prepare for next weekend! Can’t wait!

DAY 2Manningham Eisteddfod Day 2
WEBSITEView the results at the Manningham Eisteddfod Website


  • 10 Year and Under Recitation
    2nd place Mia
    3rd place to Lara
    Honourable Mentions to Georgie and Katie
  • 10 Years and Under Duos
    1st place to Georgie & Lara
    2nd place to Mia & Kate W
    3rd place to Katie & Stephanie
    Honourable Mentions to Aislinn & Alice, Penelope & Angelique
  • 14 Years and Under Storytelling
    1st place to Jean-Marc
    2nd place to Mia
    3rd place to Alex
  • 14 Years and Under Impromptu Reading
    2nd place to Matthew
    3rd place to Hannah J
    Honourable Mentions to Hannah T and Laura
  • 15 Years and Under Junior Solo
    3rd place to Kate W
    Honourable Mentions to Mia & Hannah J

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