WOW! What a night!

It has been an absolutely HUGE year and last night topped it all off perfectly!

I am so proud of every single one of the WSP crew. What an amazing performance of our End of Year Concert – iDRAMA!

With a brilliant opening from Celina, followed by Mark and Shenuka rocking it out on the guitar the night was set to entertain! With Alex and Gracie performing their wonderful solos and backing provided by Elise, Jean-Marc and Hannah T who would have thought mixing tomato sauce, milk and an orange together would cause such hilarity! Great use of improvisation sentences too Future Stars!

Well done to Mark for making his WSP stage debut last night, sliding across the floor and taekwondo-ing wooden boards! Also we have to give a big applause to JM who not only appeared in a highly creative outfit, but allowed the girls to pie him in the face! Great comedy and wonderful team work.

This scene was followed by a confident speech from Phoenix, and then the little Pumpkins took to the stage. What an entrance from Ocean, and great on stage cooking by all.

Charlotte, Mimi, Kiren and Saskia mixed up a storm of movie magic treats, whilst Millie, Tilly, Ocean and Jessie dressed their vegetables! Kushinka, Rosie, Alannah and Juliana stirred up some trouble with eggs, flour and a bean! Great aim with those eggs Alannah!

With some entertaining judging from Lia, Celina and Xian, the Pumpkins all showed great poise, flair and enthusiasm! Brilliant dance choreography by Su Ching Ong! – with much thanks to her for taking classes and making it all so much fun. The children really enjoyed working with you!

Lara hit the spotlight next with her terrific speech and then we sat back to watch some video highlights and preview The Stage Magician’s dance flick Singing In The Rain / Umbrella choreographed by the very talented Hollie Curtis.

Alice reminded us of those memorable moments throughout the year and then we were ready for the bang, crash, pops in The Stage Magicians’ Who Dunnit!

Poor James started the scene off lying still on the floor, and then with spells flashing across the stage, we had Phoenix and Alley blow up a lunch box! Laura, Isabelle, Eilidh and Heidi entertained us with Heidi’s Monkey composition, not to mention catching crazy owls! Shayoni, Lea and Hannah J got the crowd giggling and then Matthew was knocked out with his flying broomstick! Alex and Hannah T tried everything to help the situation, including pulling JM off James as he gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation! What an action packed scene!

Harley delivered the final speech with punch and then it was over to the Gleekers with Skye, Stephanie and Sophie giving us some locker chat. Chee-Rae, Alice and Georgie entertained the audience with sparkly teen attitude and Angelique enjoyed dropping books on a rather annoyed Lara! Mia was a highly creative teacher, with Kate W loving every bit of her homework! And whilst Harley talked footy, Abbey was pre-occupied with giant dancing hamburgers! Katie aspired to be a star with Penelope and Aislinn’s confident support, and Kate CS, Jemima and Emma backed up Kate with her splodgy purple hearts!

We ended the evening with another brilliant dance routine choreographed by Hollie Curtis, lighting up the stage with glow sticks galore! Well done everyone I am so proud of you all!

Special thanks to all of those who helped out, Mark, Shenuka, Scott, Lorraine, Donna, Kokila, Patsy, Justin, Catriona and in particular Mary Donaldson who printed our fabulous programs!

Can’t wait for 2012!


Class of 2011
  • The 2011 Outstanding Achievement Awards
    • Pumpkins
      Juliana Chandrasekara
      Ocean Chen
      Alannah Matlock
      Celina Matlock
      Lia Mills
      Rosie Mills
    • Creative Critters
      Alice Anders
      Angelique Barkas
      Kate Carmody-Stephens
      Sophie Connolly
      Jemima Wotherspoon
    • Stage Magicians
      Matthew Cheah
      Alley Feruglio
      Hannah Jackson
      Heidi Roast
      Laura Wilcox
    • Future Stars
      Alexandra Baker
      Hannah Tran
  • The 2011 Rising Star Awards
    • Pumpkins
      Xian Loi
    • Creative Critters
      Kate Woolley
    • Stage Magicians
      James Worboyes
    • Future Stars
      Jean-Marc Kurban

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