Buckets full of gummy bears!

It’s always fantastic to see the WSP kids having fun, but to see them being so encouraging and supportive of each other as well was the greatest prize of all on Saturday, and I am truly honoured to be working with such amazing young students. Another eisteddfod over and another on the way! But wasn’t it a fantastic Saturday of surprises!

Team WSP included Hannah J, Kate W, Mia, Sophie, Skye, Anthony, Harley, Jemima, Kate CS, Katie, Stephanie, Ocean, Kushinka, Jessie, Juliana, Penelope, Angelique, Rosie, Lia, Georgie, Lara, Xian, Charlotte, Aislinn and Alice. Everyone took to the stage with great confidence and we loved the costumes, props and entertainment!

We must make special mention to those who were competing in their very first eisteddfod. Well done to Rosie, Ocean, Kate CS, Angelique, Sophie, Juliana, Jessie and Jemima. It takes a lot of courage to get up on stage in front of an audience, let alone having to perform something and dress up! Also a huge congrats to Anthony, Mia and Rosie who filled in for those who couldn’t make it to the eisteddfod. Learning lines quickly and getting up on stage without hesitation – high fives all ’round!

Fantastic effort also to Mia and Hannah J who competed in the 16 Years and Under Junior Championship! A very high standard in that section with students in year 10 and 11!

Thank you again to all those parents and friends who have been so encouraging and supportive.

Here are our results!

DAY 1Eisteddfodd by the Bay Day 1
WEBSITEVisit the Eisteddfod by the Bay Website

Ready to celebrate and party!


  • 8 Years and Under Humorous
    2nd place to Xian
  • 10 Years and Under Humorous
    Equal 3rd to Harley, Skye and Chee-Rae, HM to Stephanie and Katie
  • 16 and Under Junior Championship
    Runner-Up Hannah J
  • 10 Years and Under Duologues Section A
    1st to Mia & Kate W, 2nd to Kushinka & Ocean, Equal 3rd to Penelope & Angelique, Harley & Anthony, HM to Charlotte & Xian, Lara & Georgie, Juliana & Jessie, Aislinn & Alice
  • 10 Years and Under Duologues Section B
    2nd to Amelia
  • 14 Years and Under Improvisation in Pairs Section A
    2nd to Phoenix & Chee-Rae, 3rd to Laura & Eilidh, HM to Amelia & Shayoni, Mia & Katie, Harley & Kate
  • 14 Years and Under Improvisation in Pairs Section B
    3rd to Katie & Stephanie, HM to Skye & Sophie
  • 10 Years and Under Group Scene
    1st to Kate W, Harley, Katie & Lara, 2nd to Rosie, Charlotte, Kushinka & Xian, 3rd to Georgie, Alice, Chee-Rae & Stephanie, HM to Angelique, Penelope & Aislinn, Lia, Mia & Anthony, Skye, Jemima & Ocean.
  • 12 and Under Group Scenes
    2nd to Hannah J, Phoenix & Lea, 3rd to Ally, Amelia and Shayoni
  • Peter Spiker Junior Encouragement Award

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