A Day of Strawberry Clouds at the Eisteddfod By The Bay!

I must say firstly that today’s Eisteddfod By The Bay competitions were really hectic and I am so proud of how each and every one of you performed despite running backwards and forwards between the two judging rooms, getting changed, having to be on stage in two places at once, registering scripts, managing props, and being there for over 9 hours! Not only did you all display such amazing organisation skills, but you held together as a team and you were there to support each other. That in itself is cause for a huge celebration!!

A special well done to Eilidh, James and Hannah J who really pulled their teams together and showed maturity and confidence on stage when things do not go quite as planned! I know by the final section everyone was exhausted and to get up there and perform the way you did is something to be extremely proud of. I don’t think any other team did as much running back and forth in as many sections as all of us. Also special mention to Shayoni, Amelia and Phoenix who filled in for those who couldn’t make it, jumping into the sections with enthusiasm and confidence!

Yesterday’s team full on display with t-shirts and laughter included Alex B, Jean-Marc, Hannah T, Eilidh, Laura, Isabelle, Heidi, James, Matthew, Sebastian, Hannah J, Lea, Ally, Phoenix, Amelia, Katie, Kate, Harley, Mia, Chee-Rae and Alice! Congratulations to you all and I hope you enjoyed the strawberry clouds!

A big thank you to all the parents who helped out with costumes, props and running around. Special thanks to Hala who did most of the drop offs in the evening! I know it was difficult sitting down, standing up, sitting down, standing up with moving from the two rooms. It was lovely to have you all there to support our WSP team.

As the afternoon sunshine started to set, what we saw of it! – the overall junior encouragement award was announced and Amelia was the winner! Fantastic work to a young, up and coming superstar!

DAY 2Eisteddfodd by the Bay Day 2
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Time to SLEEP! (then party!)


  • 12 Years and Under Impromptu Reading
    3rd Place to Laura, Honourable Mentions to Alex B & James
  • 14 Years and Under Duologues
    3rd to Eilidh & Laura, HM to Jean-Marc and Hannah T
  • 12 Years and Under Impromptu Reading
    Equal 2nd to Matthew & James, 3rd to Laura and HM to Hannah J and Mia
  • 12 Years and Under Own Choice Section A
    2nd to Hannah J, HM to Matthew
  • 12 Years and Under Own Choice Section B
    2nd to Amelia
  • 14 Years and Under Improvisation in Pairs Section A
    2nd to Phoenix & Chee-Rae, 3rd to Laura & Eilidh, HM to Amelia & Shayoni, Mia & Katie, Harley & Kate
  • 14 Years and Under Improvisation in Pairs Section B
    HM to Jean-Marc & Hannah T, James & Alex B, Sebastian & Hannah J
  • 12 and Under Duologues
    HM to Lea & Hannah J
  • 12 and Under Group Scenes
    2nd to Hannah J, Phoenix & Lea, 3rd to Ally, Amelia and Shayoni
  • Peter Spiker Junior Encouragement Award

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